Last Chemo

My last chemo treatment is today!!! Hopefully I never have to do this again! I am so excited, but I think this will be the hardest recovery, so I can’t celebrate yet.  Thank you to all of those who helped me get through chemo–I could not have done it alone.  On to radiation! Be in … More Last Chemo

Chemo No. 3

My oncologist was right, chemo would get harder as I progressed through it. I wanted for him to be wrong and I thought I was strong enough to take on chemotherapy gracefully.  Ha! Once again, the doctor knows what he is talking about. I guess he knows what he is doing 😉. Let me share … More Chemo No. 3

Halfway There

Today marks the halfway point of chemo! Yay!  I have an infusion tomorrow and then my last one three weeks later. These last two are not going to be easy as my blood test numbers are finally declining. I get blood taken the day before every treatment to see if my body can handle chemo … More Halfway There

Quick Update

Oh, how I hate chemotherapy!  This infusion really took its toll on me and had me out for a few days. Everything is compounded, which will continue as I head into my third and fourth treatments. Good times!  I’ve been stressed and it has been contributing to my fatigue. I’ve come to the conclusion that … More Quick Update

Day 13 of Chemo

I’m a little less than two weeks out from my first chemo infusion, but it feels like months ago!  I’m doing well. The side effects are giving me some problems and they are a reminder that I am sick. After the initial days in bed after chemo, I have forgotten a few times that I … More Day 13 of Chemo

Silver Linings

After my first week of chemo and seeing  the effects it has had on my body, I want to remind myself of the silver linings that this glorious adventure has given me. This will be a work in progress, so check back often 😉 1. I don’t have to wait months for doctor appointments, they … More Silver Linings

A Woman’s Glory

My apologies for not writing sooner–as you can guess, it has been an overwhelming few days. I’m going to start with Tuesday. I started my final prep work for my chemo infusion the following day. I took my first dose of steroids that gave me lots of energy, despite the fact that I didn’t sleep … More A Woman’s Glory