Check In

I’m so sorry it has been so long.  My active treatment is finally over, but I’m still feeling the impacts on a daily basis. I’m exhausted still, but I hope to start feeling better soon.  Tomorrow I will have my port taken out, which will signal the last of many procedures.  I promise that I … More Check In

Quick Update

Oh, how I hate chemotherapy!  This infusion really took its toll on me and had me out for a few days. Everything is compounded, which will continue as I head into my third and fourth treatments. Good times!  I’ve been stressed and it has been contributing to my fatigue. I’ve come to the conclusion that … More Quick Update

Silver Linings

After my first week of chemo and seeing  the effects it has had on my body, I want to remind myself of the silver linings that this glorious adventure has given me. This will be a work in progress, so check back often 😉 1. I don’t have to wait months for doctor appointments, they … More Silver Linings

A Woman’s Glory

My apologies for not writing sooner–as you can guess, it has been an overwhelming few days. I’m going to start with Tuesday. I started my final prep work for my chemo infusion the following day. I took my first dose of steroids that gave me lots of energy, despite the fact that I didn’t sleep … More A Woman’s Glory

My Mom

Cancer sucks–but it sucks less when you have someone who is always there for you and that person is my mom. My mom and sister moved up to Portland last summer. What I didn’t know then is that they moved here at just the right time. Fast forward to mid-February and my mom lost her … More My Mom

Port Install…. check!

Yesterday I had my port installed. I’m one step closer to chemo!!! Before I went to get my port installed, I had to go get an injection of Zoladex. Zoladex is a hormone therapy that shuts down the ovaries and stop them from producing estrogen so there is less estrogen to fuel the growth of … More Port Install…. check!