Halfway There

Today marks the halfway point of chemo! Yay! 

I have an infusion tomorrow and then my last one three weeks later. These last two are not going to be easy as my blood test numbers are finally declining. I get blood taken the day before every treatment to see if my body can handle chemo and today was the first day that the numbers looked different from my normal test results. I had a suspicion that they would be dropping  because I’m not feeling as well as I have been the week before my treatment. My fear is that the at my last blood draw they would tell me my blood cell levels are too low and they would have to push it out and treat me for that. Keep good thoughts for me–I don’t want this to last any longer than it should. 

I’m hoping the recovery from the next two isn’t too bad, but my oncologist told me to expect the worst. ☹️

I’m off to play tennis tonight and get my last bit of exercise in before tomorrow. I will try to give an update on how I’m doing if things don’t go too bad. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful July 4 and for those in Oregon–enjoy the weather! 

2 thoughts on “Halfway There

  1. Was just thinking about you as I passed the frosted sugar cookies with sprinkles on them, at the grocery store 😊 and planned to text you tonight. Sending positive vibes your way, Celina. Rest all you can this weekend, and we’ll catch up when you’re feeling up to it. And remember your pep squad is cheering you on from afar!!! You are an inspiration!!! ❤️ ~ Kate


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