Day 13 of Chemo

I’m a little less than two weeks out from my first chemo infusion, but it feels like months ago! 

I’m doing well. The side effects are giving me some problems and they are a reminder that I am sick. After the initial days in bed after chemo, I have forgotten a few times that I am in the middle of treatment. It is a weird sensation. There are definitely days after the infusion that I felt horrible, but I generally forget that I’m fighting a real disease that can be deadly if not treated. I don’t know if that makes sense because I don’t think I’m explaining it correctly. There hasn’t been a day when I haven’t been impacted by the chemo, but I think in my head I attribute it to something else. Maybe it’s a coping mechanism. 

Other than fighting this deadly disease called cancer, here’s how I’ve been feeling: 

My energy is almost back to normal, but I still get tired closer to the end of the day. My hope is that I can go workout next week, which I haven’t done in a long time. 

My mouth is a hot mess. My tastebuds are shot and some of the things that I used to enjoy eating now taste funny–including See’s Candies chocolate!!! Along with bad tastebuds, I also have really bad dry mouth all of the time and there is not enough water in the State of Oregon that can make it feel better. My lips are also SUPER chapped. I tried a million different types of chapstick, but the only thing that seems to be working is Aquaphor, but I apply it every 45 minutes or so. 

My hair is starting to fall out and I expect my head to be a patchy mess soon. Since I cut my hair the day before chemo, it has grown a lot. I’ve always had fast-growing hair and I hope this will continue after this is done. 

I start back up with prep for my next infusion this week and then head back in for my second chemo treatment on June 7. Wish me luck!