Last-Minute Trip to the Bay

Fat Baby Sebastian

After a rough week and the impending chemo fun and games ahead of me, my mom and sister talked me into a quick trip to San Francisco. I didn’t think about it, but my nephew Sebastian (who is now about five months old) is in daycare, and will probably be a walking germ and not a good person to be around me. The thought of not seeing him for at least three months helped me make the decision to go down there.

So, my mom and I packed up the car and we drove down. My short trip was more of a food trip–we ate all of the bad stuff that I like to eat that I probably won’t be able to eat in the next couple of the months. It was the best!!!! Seeing my nephew wasn’t that bad either! My big-headed, fat-baby nephew is getting cuter by the moment and I will miss him dearly. Going to miss you too Sean!

Damn, that’s a nice wig!

My sister did some research and found a wig shop, which was owned by someone who also lost her hair during breast cancer treatment. We also met up with my friend Malachi–poor guy probably wasn’t expecting that we were going to a wig shop! He was very supportive and helped me look for a hair piece. Those bad boys go for about $400! That’s on the low end. If I wanted real hair, it cost be about $1500! It was also confirmed by the lady who worked there that my head is huge. Any wig that I would want to buy, would need to be ordered because they didn’t carry many wigs in large sizes. Even the larger sizes were tight on my head. Thanks, Dad, for this big ass head!

We drove back on Sunday–like I said it was a quick, quick trip! The drive back was long and my body was tired and I’m sure I was cranky, but I really am appreciative of going to San Francisco. It gave me a few days to not think about what was going on and enjoy my family. I laughed with them and smiled a lot and it felt like for those days that everything was ok.

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  1. Girl! That’s a good look for you! Glad you had a good trip. That was quick! You’re nephew is a cutie.
    In-N-Out is pretty good. We’re going to CA in a few weeks and I’m sure we’ll go.

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