C is for Chemo

Sorry it took so long for me to write this–it has been a tough week.

I met with my medical oncologist this week and he gave me the choice between “light” and “strong” chemo. I told him I wanted whatever chemo would make my cancer not come back. He said that there were some health concerns down the road if I went with the stronger meds, so we’ve decided to go with the light version.

I will undergo four rounds of chemo every three weeks for the next three months. On top of all the chemo, I will be on a hormone therapy treatment that will suppress my ovaries from making estrogen and will interfere with stimulating cell growth in my estrogen-dependent cancer cells. I will also take steroids to help with nausea, another self injection (WTF?) to keep my white blood cell count up and an antihistamine.

I was also told to shave my head before I start treatment. I was told that it was too traumatic to see your hair fall out and it was best to just take it off. If I don’t shave my hair off, it will fall out in 17-19 days!

I will start chemo on Wednesday, May 17. I was brought to the room where I will get my transfusions and I lost it. Everyone looked so sick and there were no young people receiving treatment. They also had a lending library and the first book I see is a book on dying. Perfect!

I’m having my chemo port put in in a few days. Another day, another procedure. I think having the port will be surreal.

I’m hoping this part of the treatment will go quickly and not be as bad as I am making it in my head.