Back To Work

IMG_5826 2I went back to work this week, after a two-week break.

My surgeon suggested taking a week off of work, but with my egg retrieval the week before my lumpectomy, he suggested a two-week break. I thought that two weeks would be more than enough time for me to recover and handle a few things at home that I had not had a chance to do.

Boy was I wrong! During my second week of rest, I got tired easily, but didn’t pay much attention to it. I went back to work and I was tired as soon as I got there. Getting through the whole day was tough. This wasn’t a tired that I felt when I didn’t get enough sleep, this was pure exhaustion.

I started feeling the impacts on Tuesday. I had a long day and I was in the car driving home and I started crying. Today, I cried in front of three different co-workers–it was embarrassing.

I did some research and it says that after a surgery you can feel out of it for weeks. Plus, I have an important appointment next week, which will give me more information on a complication from the surgery, what type of chemo I will have, how much and when I will start.

Mentally, I’m done. I have a million other things that I’m stressing out about as well.

Work is tough. It is hard to concentrate and get things done, but on the flip side, it also helps to keep my mind occupied.

My co-workers have been so great. I think about what it would have been like to have had this happen at another job and how I would have been treated. It makes me very thankful to work where I work and grateful for the people I work with.