Passing of a Friend

ArmidaMy dear friend passed away from stage four kidney cancer this morning. She told me about her cancer a little over a year ago and I remember being very upset about it–she was healthy, from what I could see. How could someone who was so young and vibrant, be so sick? I called my mom when I found out and I remember crying.

Of course, her passing makes me think about my own diagnosis. She told me that she had a rough road ahead of her, but she said she would be fine. I’ve echoed the same words.

In my head, I know that our situations are very different. She had stage four cancer. Despite the fact that I know there is a difference, it brings me back to reality. This could kill me. This is not a broken leg, a weird cold–this is cancer. I will never be the same after this and it will follow me for a long time. There is no neat, easy cure that will make me well and then I don’t have to think of it ever again.