Check In

I’m so sorry it has been so long.  My active treatment is finally over, but I’m still feeling the impacts on a daily basis. I’m exhausted still, but I hope to start feeling better soon.  Tomorrow I will have my port taken out, which will signal the last of many procedures.  I promise that I … More Check In

Radiation Is Set

I start radiation on Monday and I’m going to have 16 treatments.  The doctor said that the lymph node in question behind my breast bone, may or may not be cancer. He would like to treat it with more radiation, but if he did, he could hit my lungs or heart and that could lead … More Radiation Is Set

Chemo Side Effects

Many people have asked me what side effects I experienced, so here’s a list of wonderful things that come along with chemotherapy. I get very personal and maybe shared too much, but I think people need to know about the topics no one talks about.  As a reminder, not all chemo is the same and … More Chemo Side Effects

Next Step: Radiation

Chemo is DONE!!!!!!!! I’m excited that it’s done, but the effects of it will be long lasting. Even a week out I’m still feeling really crappy. My oncologist told me that the fatigue will last months as well. Cancer is holding on to my neck and won’t let go! So for the next few days … More Next Step: Radiation

Last Chemo

My last chemo treatment is today!!! Hopefully I never have to do this again! I am so excited, but I think this will be the hardest recovery, so I can’t celebrate yet.  Thank you to all of those who helped me get through chemo–I could not have done it alone.  On to radiation! Be in … More Last Chemo

Chemo No. 3

My oncologist was right, chemo would get harder as I progressed through it. I wanted for him to be wrong and I thought I was strong enough to take on chemotherapy gracefully.  Ha! Once again, the doctor knows what he is talking about. I guess he knows what he is doing 😉. Let me share … More Chemo No. 3

Halfway There

Today marks the halfway point of chemo! Yay!  I have an infusion tomorrow and then my last one three weeks later. These last two are not going to be easy as my blood test numbers are finally declining. I get blood taken the day before every treatment to see if my body can handle chemo … More Halfway There